Mural Quotes

For a mural quote or to see more examples of the team’s past work, please email

To give the closest estimate possible please include the following information:

  • Location of potential mural?
  • Size of potential mural?
  • Is it Interior or Exterior?
  • Height of mural & does it require scaffolding?
  • Texture of wall (i.e. is it brick, cement, wood?)?


Murals can generally range from $20 – $50* per square foot depending on the complexity and detailing required for the mural, as well as, the location of the mural, specialty equipment, and travel time are taken into consideration for the quote. The quote is based on an already prepped wall (i.e. cleaned, primed and base-coated) that is free of any obstacles. Walls that are not prepped will include extra labor charges.

Our team will arrange a meeting with you to listen to your ideas and concepts before putting together a design. The artists will provide up to 3 rough sketches before a detailed sketch is submitted. A detailed sketch is included with your mural quote, however, if a client would like to have multiple detailed sketches, a $50 per hour charge will be associated with the multiple sketches.

Before starting your project and providing a detailed sketch, a signed contract and 1/3 deposit of the total cost will be requested. The 1/3 deposit is used to purchase the supplies needed in order to execute the mural.

Please note that exterior murals require consistent above 50 degree weather + protection from rain.

*Some quotes may be higher if detailing is extremely complex


If you are new to hiring an artist to custom design a mural or painting, it is helpful to know how the process works. As an example, we had a client who wanted a colorful geometric color block design with a native bird and something that adds a humorous element to it. Below are examples of the sketched ideas:

The next step after the client selects the sketch that they prefer, the artist then refines the design based on the clients feedback. In this case, the client wanted to remove the mountain and log that were in the initial design and requested the bird move down in the composition. Below is an example of the refined mock up:

Refined mock up and last step in the design process before installing the mural.

After the client approves the final design, the next step is the installation of the mural, ordering supplies based on the color schemes, etc. Our team takes time to explain to clients that the mock up does not look exactly like the mural, there are nuances to paint application and brush & aerosol work that change the feel and look of the finished mural. Below is an example of the finished mural: